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14 October 2015

Oxzy 2 Enhancing Pure Energy Pure Life

Qi Laser-Enhanced Chelated Minerals Blend

Oxzy 2 keeps you healthy!

We all want to stay healthy and vibrant well into old age. As we age, our bodies naturally lose minerals, leaving us sluggish and unwell.

The importance of trace minerals for our bodies cannot be denied, They support many key bodily processes as well as aid in the fight against disease and aging.

Achieving good health requires more than just a single product by itself. Perfect Laboratories has a complete range of Qi laser-enhanced nutritional health benefits. A combined use of all our Oxi products - Oxi-Lipo, Oxi-Natroxx and Oxi-Finity - will help your body perform at its best.

Get Oxzy2 and get healthy today!

Life Basics Provided By the Sea.

About a half mile below the unpolluted blue waters of Kona, Hawaii, reside trace elements built by volcanic activities over two thousand years ago. Perfect Research Labs has tapped into the power of the seas to develop its proprietary blend of the trace elements our body needs for improved health. Using elements extracted from the Hawaiian waters, the unique Oxzy2 formulation is then Qi laser-enhanced to activate the nutrient's energy and to elevate its effectiveness.

Our patented Qi laser-enhancement technology homogenizes the formula's ingredients in order to achieve a more consistent molecular shape and energy level, providing you with a more easily absorbed nutrient product your body can readily use for the purpose it was intended. Oxzy2 helps your body maintain the proper ratios of electrolytes as well as supplements any mineral deficiencies in your body. The purity of our ingredients coupled with our innovative Qi laser-enhancement technology makes Oxzy2 the most effective and advaced product in the market place.

Make the right choice, Your health depends on it.

Contents : 30 ml per bottle Price : RM 255.00

 Five Ways Oxyz2 Improves Your Health

1. Removes toxins and fights free radicals
2. Stronger bones, nails and hair
3. Better nutrient absorption and digestion
4. Quicker recovery from injury and infection
5. Better breathing and allergy relief

Five important questions about Oxzy2


1. How does Oxzy2 work?                                                                                                                   

Answer : By supplementing the cells in your body with essential trace minerals, Oxzy2 promotes well-being. Oxzy2 also detoxifies and helps your body heal itself.

2. How will Oxzy2 affect me?                                                                                                            

Answer : Results vary among users, however the most common effects include more energy and improved sleep. Users have also experiences more frequent urination and bowed movements.

3. What is the science  behind  Oxzy2?      

Answer : Oxzy2 uses a special Qi laser-enhancement technology to activate the nutrients within the formulation. This makes Oxzy2 more easily used by our body.


4.What is Qi laser-enhancement technology?

Answer : Qi stands for Quantum Information. It activates molecules in human body as fast as 10 femtoseconds(fs) while enhances and fastens the nutrients absorption of the product.

5. Is laser-enhanced products the same as Genetically Modified(GMO) product?

Answer : No, GMO products have been genetically modified structurally for improved trait resistance to pathogens and herbicides. The Qi laser-enhancement use in Oxzy2 does not change the molecular structure of the nutrients within Oxzy2. It can activates and enhances the effectiveness of the formulation.


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