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19 May 2008

Do You Know Or Understand Our X-Leader Do Blogging On Net

Why blogging is so popular and expanding throughout the world on net,what are they trying to let viewers or readers know about their articles and what is their purpose showing their opinion and knowledge on net.Actually I'm also facing the tough question about the benefit of blogging,let me talk about our x-PM Tun Dr.Mahathir with age about 83 years old,he also do blogging on net check this out http://www.tunmahathir.com/, that's on his blog is talking about the past and present political elements and never the less the introduction Tun Dr.Mahathir himself.And our x-assistant PM Anwar Ibrahim also own his homepage http://www.anwaribrahim.com/ ,that's talking about himself story and life living in politic and the latest news happened in Malaysia.

Let's imagine why Tun Dr.Mahathir want to share all this topics with all of u in the world,is he will get any benefits or any profit on his blog??? Yes,his blog show on net to the whole world is purposely to get more viewers and readers visit his blog and leave comments on his blog,then more and more people searching on his homepage whereas his homepage become traffic that will get some earnings from what is he promoting on his advertising.But actually Tun Dr.Mahathir will not focus on the small sum of earnings from advertising,the main purpose Tun Dr.Mahathir blogging is to share his success road in political and give advise to readers who facing problem.

Let look at Anwar Ibrahim homepage with fully image and nice design is very attracting readers go through his blog,that's also the similar purpose talking about Anwar Ibrahim's story page,latest news page,blog page and contribution page.

They create become things,share with readers on their own homepage,thus will bring huge and incredible feedback and benefits from readers.So,instead of join the community like Friendster,Youtube,Facebook,Yahoo and others,why not try to do your own blog with your own point of view,more about yourself,opinion, knowledge and never the less advertising to your related field showing on net to get the comments and benefits from the readers.

So,do action now register a blog for free from http://www.blogger.com/home,and start do your writing now....

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