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28 May 2008

Positive Thinking Make Thing Happened

We work and create something everyday,but the emotional,feelings,health,mental and thinking is vary or in other word change everyday,so our mood can be defined changing in good or bad depend on our job specification.Sometime when feel good all the things create or do will go very easy or smooth without blocking in other word no barries at all,do you overcome this before?
When all the things do very success and smooth on that day is what we call LUCKY DAY.

When on a day feel not well like sick,thinking some bad will happened,negative emotion and kind of not good in the mental.All this will make all the day feel everything you do or create can not be firnish or unsuccess,a lot of blocking make you can not focus on what you really want to do,was't it?
Furthermore,even the thing that is very easy to do but with the negative thinking or bad mood on that day you really can not do it well,is true that i also overcome this before.When i am writing a blog with good mood and good feelings,a lot of idea and energy that will be feel came out from my body through my heart .

On my conclusion,to overcome all the bad feelings that everybody will have in the world is very easy,just put the bad one aside,and in the brain and heart feel all the good feelings will come through then everything will be succeed in everything you want to do...
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